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First Digital Drug!
Experience a legal buzz from the first digital drug!
Headache Release
Let go of headaches and migraines in minutes
Ultra-Deep Meditation
Instantly meditate deeper than ever before
Razor Sharp Focus
Einstein's Mind
Power Siesta
Total Relaxation
Chakra Balancing
The Inventor
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World's First Digital Drug - JUST ADDED!
Enjoy a legal rush of mental stimulation
Enjoy a totally safe and exhilarating experience, with this 60 minute recording. Simply relax as you listen to the binaural beats stimulating parts of your mind not touched by other MP3s. A fantastically awesome inner-journey. Use for good moods, euphoria, visualisation.

Enjoy yourself: 
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Einstein's Mind
Gain a totally balanced, high IQ mindset in minutes...
Experience your mind in perfect harmony and balance, with this 60 minute MP3. This binaural beat recording utilizes the 7.83 Hz Earth Resonance, perfectly balancing Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta brainwaves. Use for high IQ thought, the Guru mindset, big picture thinking.

Be Einstein:
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Chakra Balancing
Rekindle your chakra and feel happy
Take a 55 minute journey through your seven chakra points, unblocking and balancing each point. Feel free and spiritually calm, as specific frequencies activate the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Use for balancing your chakra, happiness.

Chakra power:
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