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First Digital Drug!
Experience a legal buzz from the first digital drug!
Headache Release
Let go of headaches and migraines in minutes
Ultra-Deep Meditation
Instantly meditate deeper than ever before
Razor Sharp Focus
Einstein's Mind
Power Siesta
Total Relaxation
Chakra Balancing
The Inventor
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The Ultimate Self-Development MP3 Bundle

How would you like to own every single MP3 produced by

Now you can get the entire nine MP3 collection for just $207 - that's just $23 per MP3, as opposed to our regular price $29.95 - with 100% FREE shipping and handling to anywhere in the world!

We WON'T be offering our entire collection for long, and may even withdraw our entire collection within the near future to ensure exclusivity. As such, THIS could be your ONLY chance to purchase each of these great titles together:

You get all the benefits* of a regular customer, including full support and access to our special offers, freebies and updates. This is truly an amazing chance to get hold of nine of the world's most powerful binaural beat recordings.

We know you'll be blown away as soon as you begin using these MP3s. Imagine being able to tap into any state of mind in an instant. Want creativity? Use The Inventor. Looking to improve your mood before a night on the town? Use the World's First Digital Drug. Want to chill out on a Sunday afternoon? Switch on Total Relaxation.

Once you begin realizing the power behind binaural beats, you'll rocket ahead of the crowd - who else can produce such miraculous results ON DEMAND? Begin writing more... feeling more... producing more... thinking more... doing more.

This is YOUR key to being the head of your field - instantly.

Want to place your order? Buy our entire range... literally, every single MP3 we hold in our stock, and have it delivered direct to your door for just $207 TOTAL. Postage and packaging is 100% FREE, no matter where you live in the world.

This is self-development heaven... and you can have it all within just a few days by clicking here:

* NOTE: Please note that this bundle package is non-refundable due to the huge discounts offered. This package is valued at over $150 in pure production costs, with shipping costing extra. These low profit margin means we cannot allow returns. Also please note that no discount vouchers can be used against this purchase.

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